Fashion Designer – Kara Kroeger


May 26, 2016

by Ella Zurawski

Graduated Kent State Fashion School BFA design student Kara Kroeger is on her way to making a stance in the industry. With having shown her senior collection at Beijing Fashion Week earlier this year in March to  New York Fashion Week this September through the Supima Design Competition.

IMG_6770After a last minute classic fashion student photo shoot in the atrium of our second home, Franklin Hall, Kroeger sat down to chat about what’s next. However, she’s not on her way to the big apple yet. Being selected to represent The Fashion School in the Supima Design Competition, she will be utilizing the TechStyleLab for the duration of the summer to create five evening wear ensembles. But before laser etching and dying cottons became her break, she started a nine month endeavor of creating a seven piece collection.

Being inspired by overpopulation, “not as a negative but as a positive, because it is inevitable. I looked at advances in creativity with the growth of population.” Kara took full advantage of using new technologies to create 3D printed accessories; belts, bracelets and shoes.IMG_7066

The collection awarded her Best in Show at the annual Fashion School
Show and a ticket to New York last week to display the
portfolio showcasing the design process. Kroeger will be back for the CFDA awards to await the Kenneth Cole scholarship decision, which would land her a position designing for the company.  You can check out our collaboration videos here.

For what’s after? “I would like to go to Europe and work in a couture house to learn more about techniques.” But who knows when there potential awards with Kara Kroeger printed on them.


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